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Tired of the same old activities, bored out of your mind, looking for something new and exciting?

GotNextGame was launched to cure those symptoms.

GotNextGame is the Ultimate Experience Where the Adventure never Stops!

GotNextGame is a luxury mobile video game theater which specializes in gaming!

Climate Controlled

GotNextGame is a self -sufficient climate controlled customized trailer which has many different uses!

Top-Notch Design

GotNextGame is designed to support and enhance all of your next fun-filled events!


Start Your Membership!

Are you a gamer? Do you enjoy playing video games all day every day? GotNextGame has a membership program where you can play all the latest titles with gamers such as yourself. GotNextGame is all over the City of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Start Your Membership!

Way better and way more fun than we had imagined. The game trailer is just impressive and it attracted a lot of attention

- The Castillo Family -

Our Services

At GotNextGame we will bring a mobile video game theater directly to your location.  It is a fully sustainable, climate controlled trailer that will entertain children and adults for hours on end!  GotNextGame offers the gamer in you “ the opportunity to have a full-fledged private interactive experience”. We offer single player or multiplayer modes to enhance your event.   We can provide services in a variety of venues including, stadiums, exhibit halls, straight to your front door. The GotNextGame trailer is 8.5ft x 26 ft.
GotNextGame can provide entertainment for:

Standard Rental


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*Prices may vary based on availability

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Do you need extra space to entertain?
Do you wish to have the best fight party or PPV party on your street?
GotNextGame offers Direct TV HD Pay Per View Events brought directly to your home to enjoy your next great party.
All you have to do is Book Us through our app, our website, or call us! We will be happy to fulfill your needs.
Pay Per View Party


  • Includes The Cost of Pay Per View
  • No Gaming at PPV Party
*Prices may vary based on availability


GotNextGame is a Los Angeles, California based video game club, established in 2011 whose members are successfully earning money using their talents on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and PS4. GotNextGame has 150+ active members, including accomplished and celebrated names in the Los Angeles area. We recruit new members through our tournaments, meet ups, cash games, and exclusive events.
GotNextGame organizes prize video game competitions in the Metro Los Angeles area. Our cash games are local and live which means instant payment!

Madden – Tournament Rules & Settings

Tournament rules will be strictly enforced to ensure all players receive a fair chance to advance.
Spectators and players are NOT ALLOWED to coach players during gameplay.
If you suspect your opponent broke any of the rules please notify one of the staff members immediately. Those who break the rules will have point(s) deducted, forced to punt and/or disqualified for repeatedly breaking the rules. Uncooperative players will be ejected for the remainder of the tournament.

Gameplay Settings:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Frequently Asked Questions

I live on a hill, Will that be an issue?
Unfortunately GotNextGame requires a flat location. We can always host a party at a local park or at a vicinity near you if it represents a challenge.

How much space is needed?
GotNextGame requires approximately 56 feet of space. It will fit in front of most homes.

What happens if there is inclement weather?
GotNextGame is designed for all weather climates. There is no need to worry about weather because inside of the trailer is climate controlled!

How many kids can play in the trailer?
GotNextGame is able to service 16 people playing video games at one time. GotNextGame is equipped with stadium seating which will seat approximately 20 to 30 people while 16 will be playing the game comfortably. So there is plenty of room for people to wait their turn for GotNextGame!

Is there an age limit?
GotNextGame welcomes players of all ages. However, GotNextGame requires at least 1 adult in the theater with players 6 years and under. There will be a GameCoach who will help the kids in all of their needs pertaining to the video games.

Who is the supervisor inside of the theater?
GotNextGame is operated by a GameCoach who is responsible for delivering and staging the theater for play. The GameCoach manages the participants and game play. The GameCoach will ensure the participants are enjoying themselves; and it is a festive atmosphere!

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